April 2020 Session Meeting Notes

On April 28, 2020 our Session gathered “virtually” for their monthly meeting. Check out the link below to read about some recent announcements.

Click Here for PDF version: 2020 April Session Notes.

Session Notes – 28 April 2020

Session met at our usual time but again via Zoom software. Our agenda was shorter than usual, reflecting a quieter time in church activities.

Much of the discussion was about our virtual worship, midweek meditations, and the work that Anne-Marie is doing with our children and youth through virtual channels. We are getting better at streaming the worship, but there is still scope for improvement. Presbytery has made available $2,000 to each congregation for the purchase of equipment to enhance virtual worship, and we will invest in a new video camera with better sound recording features. We are also looking to improve the sound of our singers as well as our speakers. Big shout-out to Young Tae for his expertise and help in this area.

Like most organisations and businesses, our finances are reflecting a downturn. Board and Session are going to take some time to consider our situation, our options, and how the rest of the year might evolve, and then when we are fully prepared, will update the congregation.

We have just successfully completed our third new hire in these interesting times: Maureen will become the new Administrative Assistant following Pearl’s departure at the end of May. While Maureen’s formal start will be June 1, she’ll be in for a while during May with Pearl for training and hand-off. Maureen is very experienced with the Admin Assistant position and plans to worship with us as well. There will be opportunities shortly to get to know her better.

Our new website has been slightly delayed due to COVID circumstances but should be rolled out very soon.

The leadership retreat planned for May 23 will be delayed until fall. We could still have met virtually, the postponement is more about giving us time to reconsider our plans in light of the still-unfolding impact of the virus. So, our ministry-oriented annual meeting will also be delayed into the fall from June.

Finally, Session continues to be particularly concerned that no one is feeling unconnected in these unfamiliar times. Thankfully, most are able to participate in the streamed worship and many in the Zoom fellowship time which follows. Others can still receive emails and communications from the office. A few are receiving printouts of the sermon. If you would like more interaction with RPC than you are getting, please let your elder or Young Tae or Victor know, and they will be happy to call you. Victor’s meditation at the start of our meeting is appropriate for us all: the resurrection happened at night, God continues to work even in the darkness.

Faithfully, Graeme, Clerk of Session