March 2021 – Session Meeting Notes

Click here for PDF: Session Notes – March 2021    RPC Session met online via Zoom on Tuesday, Mar 23, our regular fourth Tuesday.  I was among several elders who attended an online workshop March … Read More

February 2021 Session Meeting Notes

The regular meeting of RPC Session was held on Tuesday, Feb 23 via Zoom. Our opening devotional was based on St Andrew’s Hall Lenten devotional booklet, which was circulated to you via email on Feb 12. A few Read more →

January 2021 Session Meeting Notes

Session met on our regular 4th Tuesday this month, Jan 26, the first meeting on our traditional schedule since last May. Keeping pace with pandemic-driven changes demanded earlier and more frequent meetings Read more →

November 2020 Session Meeting Notes

Although Session is ultimately responsible for all aspects of RPC’s life and mission, except the preaching from the pulpit, there is a large amount of work around the practical implications of having staff and owning buildings. So RPC has a Board of Managers to deal with Read more →

October 2020 Session Meeting Notes

Session has not met on our once sacred ‘fourth Tuesday of the month’ since May: the shifting sands of the pandemic have meant more frequent and earlier meetings in order to make timely plans and decisions. Read more →

September 2020 Session Meeting Notes

Session continues to adjust its meetings in order to make timely decisions in the evolving pandemic. Lest you forget, our traditional meetings have been the fourth Tuesday of the month. This year since COVID we have met Read more →

August 2020 Session Meeting Notes

Session met on Thursday, August 13th, and it was doubly unusual: in a normal year we don’t meet in August and it was not a Tuesday as that’s the evening we serve the community meal. Our next meeting should be a traditional Tuesday, September 22nd. Read more →