Discovering Discipleship – A program for high schoolers

Discovering Discipleship

A New Catechism Class at Richmond Presbyterian Church

Beyoncé, Harry Potter and Wonder Woman – Oh My!

Starting in September High Schoolers (Grades 10 & up) will be starting a new catechism class, Discovering Discipleship. Over the next year, Andrea Perrett will meet with the teens during the worship hour a few times a month. In these catechism classes, the teens will learn about different parts of our faith and what it means to be a Christian. They will explore Scripture, take part in discussions, and through real life examples, discover how their faith impacts their lives and the world. The group will start on September 15. Check out the details listed below – Question? Contact Andrea by clicking here.

What is Discovering Discipleship?

Catechism is the ancient Christian tradition of teaching others our faith and helping them grow in their discipleship. As one of the early church teachers said, “Christians are made, not born.”

Discovering Discipleship is based on the Presbyterian Church in Canada’s curriculum, A Catechism for Today. Our new program has added cultural touchpoints to help the teens discover how their faith impacts their lives and the world. Taylor Swift and The Avengers will be definitely be making appearances!

This is a pilot program that was funded by a grant from Presbyterian Innovative Ministries Fund. It is hoped that after this pilot program, Discovering Discipleship is something that can be shared with other congregations.

The curriculum is intended to be the foundational year of a three-year program for high school students. The full program will involve:

Grade 10: Foundational – learning what it means to be a Christian

Grade 11: Missional – learning how faith works in the world, including a mission trip

Grade 12: Vocational – learning how to integrate faith into vocation, inviting mentors to speak to the teens as they follow God’s calling

When will this be happening?

The group will meet a few times a month, during the Sunday morning service. There is a total of 20 sessions

The first session is September 15th and will conclude in June 2020.

Who will be involved?

For this first time through the program, the teens from the congregation in Grades 10 and 11 are invited to participate.

Andrea Perrett, who developed the curriculum, will lead the sessions throughout the year.

Do you know someone in high school who would like to be part of this? Please speak with Andrea or Victor.

What can you do?

There will be a commissioning for the group at the beginning of the service on September 15th. At this time the congregation will commit to support and encourage the teens in their faith journey.

During the year you can ask the teens questions about what they are learning. Get to know them and share stories about your own faith.

Please pray for the teens and their growing


Contact Andrea Perrett: by email (Click here!) or call 778-872-0849.

For PDF version click here: Discovering Discipleship Poster