June 2020 Session Meeting Notes

On July 2, 2020 our Session gathered “virtually” for their monthly meeting. Check out the link below to read about some recent announcements.

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Session Notes – “June” 2020

Our “June” meeting was held Thursday, July 2.  Different day, different month.  This summer, RPC is hosting Richmond’s community meal on Tuesday evenings, when we usually meet.  As a number of elders and Victor are involved in the meal, Session has had to find a new night.  And, last week, Victor was in Calgary to celebrate his father’s 85th birthday with his family.  So…we end up with Thu, Jul 2.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Thu, Aug 13.  We don’t normally meet in August but with COVID protocols still changing and contingency plans underway, we felt we couldn’t wait until late September to meet again.

A community meal has been served for a long time out of St Alban’s Anglican.  They are taking a break over the summer, and RPC has stepped into the gap.  Under Vic Beltran’s leadership, a team of volunteers along with the regular cook, Grace, have successfully served 2 meals to date, and will continue up to Sep 8.  About half the meals are picked up at our north door, and about half are distributed to those who cannot get here.  All distancing, masking, cleaning, etc. procedures are observed, and nobody except our volunteer staff are inside the building, so this ministry continues on a safe, responsible basis.  It is especially encouraging that numbers served have not dropped off, despite the change in venue.

Heather Campbell of the Use of Facilities team has drafted a plan on how we might return to the building when the time comes, based on Worksafe BC.  It’s not a simple matter of reconvening with distancing.  The government, rightly, has many procedures and regulations in place for public gathering places in order to protect everyone, and we will observe these with those at highest risk in mind.  A “COVID Return Preparedness” committee has been struck to move forward on the draft plans, and is considering options including, and also beyond, Sunday worship.  Be on the lookout later in the summer for news.

You are no doubt aware of several federal financial relief programs launched to counteract the economic impact of the pandemic.  Larry Eastwood, our treasurer, has spent many hours reviewing the terms of those programs and crunching our numbers to see if we qualify.  We are eligible for the Temporary Wage Subsidy (TWS), which is 10% of remuneration paid March 18 to June 19, capped at $1,375 per employee and $25,000 per employer.  This has already been received.  We do not, however, qualify for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS), as our revenues did not drop enough to meet the criteria.

PWS&D tins (formerly “Love Loafs”) were distributed at Advent to be returned at Easter, but of course that wasn’t possible.  Please look for instructions in the bulletin and emails on how you can get these donations to the church.

We continue to remember that although we cannot gather, we can still connect.  Although we are locked out of the building, we are still a church.  Although many activities are curtailed, we still minster, deeply with God and widely with the world.

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