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The POIEO Arts Ministry and RPC

Rev. Young Tae Choi

Rev. Young Tae Choi

The POIEO Centre of Arts Ministry is a parallel ministry of Richmond Presbyterian Church led by our Assistant Minister, The Rev. Young Tae Choi. Rev. Choi’s position a 2 year, part time, appointment, partly funded by Canadian Ministries of the national church through its New and Renewed Ministries Fund and partly through Richmond Presbyterian Church (RPC).

RPC called Young Tae to this position in response to a convergence of factors that presented a highly favourable context around our understanding of being a missionally focused congregation. First, our congregation has expressed a willingness to engage in missional vision, to make an impact for the gospel beyond the walls of our church and our congregation. To that effect we have intentionally heard preaching and teaching around missional ministry and have participated through the Centre for Missional Leadership at St. Andrew’s Hall, Vancouver. Second, our Presbytery, the Presbytery of Westminster, has adopted a strategic vision which emphasized the need for growing new worshipping communities in our midst. The presbytery has devoted considerable energy, effort and financial resources to achieving this vision, including a commitment to identifying and supporting at least 3 new worshipping communities (hopefully more) within our bounds over the next 5 years. Finally, the growth of Cyclical and the New and Renewed Ministries program of Canadian Ministries opened up financial support possibilities for RPC’s desire to support possibilities around new initiatives.

Young Tae was identified as someone RPC would seek to invest in, both at a congregational level around congregational ministry, but more critically and missionally also at a broader level around kingdom ministry. RPC saw potential in Young Tae as an artist with a vision for ministry to and with artists in our broader community. We especially were taken with his experience as a film maker, someone familiar with compelling narratives. The mission of the church is to share the most compelling story of all, God’s love for all people. Sometimes the church needs a fresh set of eyes to see how we might best share that narrative. Young Tae brings the knowledge and experience of someone in an arts industry that is often more creative and persuasive than the church has been recently in sharing a compelling narrative.

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