Children's Ministries

The ministry to and with our children, of all ages, and their families, is a core element of what it means to be a faithful church community. Scripture commands us to teach our children in the right way so that when they grow up, they will not stray from it. The Apostle Paul tells parents to bring up their children in the instruction of the Lord. And of course, Jesus loved children, he cherished them, he protected them, he encouraged them. We need to follow the way of Jesus when it comes to the care and provision for our children.

Annie-Marie Ellithorpe, Richmond Presbyterian Church

Anne-Marie Ellithorpe

Anne-Marie Ellithorpe is the Director of Educational Ministries at RPC. Anne-Marie oversees and coordinates a group of faithful, committed teachers and volunteers who help with providing kind, patient and loving care for our children, teaching them through our Worship with Children program on Sunday mornings and offering support and equipping our families with young children.

Worship Children

Currently there are Sunday worship programs for children from 3 yrs to High School, with a nursery for those under 3 years.

There are activities for our youth on a regular basis which take place both within the church and in opportunities to socialize and serve outside the church in our community.

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