You’re Invited…


Are you interested in developing a closer connection with a small number of others for shared support, encouragement, and Christian fellowship?

Would you be interested in moving beyond being a “Sunday Spectator” of RPC services, and to reflect deeper on the weekly message, responding in small group discussion to a few pre-set questions that relate that Sunday’s sermon and scripture to your life and the present world?

Are you willing to commit an hour weekly for four weeks in June, either online (Zoom) or in person at a Richmond home or outside in a gentle walking group?

Richmond Presbyterian Church warmly invites you to attend a new ministry that will combine aspects of Care and Fellowship and Worship.  We are planning to trial-run this opportunity for four consecutive weeks in June, beginning after the June 6 Sunday service.  If there is interest in this ministry and if the response is positive, we may follow up with a full length (6-10 weeks) series of groups later in the year.  Groups will be size limited (4-8 members) to allow for easy gathering and for more comfort in sharing. 

Note this is not a bible study.  The small group facilitators are peers from the congregation, and the questions and informal discussions relate to our lives and current world issues, not requiring deep theological knowledge or insights.  There are no right or wrong interpretations and opinions. 

You can attend individually, or as a couple or small family (age 16+).  Depending on demand, you can also choose the type of group you would prefer.  For our June series, we offer the following meeting options…

 “Coffee and Conversation” group:  at Isabel’s home (with COVID protocols).  Weekly for four weeks, starting Thursday, June 10 at 6:30 pm; facilitator Isabel Evans.

“Walk & Talk” group:  a short Richmond stroll followed by discussion at a coffee shop or around an outdoor picnic table; four weeks starting Tuesday, June 8 at 10 am; facilitator Heather Campbell.

Zoom groups:  online gatherings for those who cannot or prefer not to leave home.  Two options…Mondays for four weeks starting June 7 at 2 pm with facilitator Janet Norris…or Mondays at 7 pm with facilitator Steve Norris.

Of course, you are encouraged to attend each Sunday online service.  Rev. Kim will circulate in advance brief discussion questions relating to the sermon, the scripture reading, and/or current events of the day, that provide us a starting point for meaningful group discussion. 

Groups meet weekly for the four weeks, bringing meaning and community into our lives.  Even if you can’t make every meeting, there is still great value in joining a group.  While the group is kept purposefully informal, there is a base agenda to follow.  The meetings begin with a go-around, sharing our present joys and challenges.  We then discuss the provided questions, as we relate the Word and message to our current lives and our greater world.  We end in prayer in support of each other and for the week to come. 

We encourage limiting meeting time to an hour, although this may be extended (e.g. walk and talk group) by group consensus.  Bring the weekly questions, be willing to participate but not dominate, and be sensitive to others, with confidentiality and an open heart to serve and learn. 

Care and Fellowship. 
Scripture instructs us to love and accept one another, encourage and build up one another, pray for one another, and bear one another’s burdens.  God never meant for us to go it alone in our Christian journey.  Our C&R groups provide connected friendships and support in times of trial, change, and stress.  There is a sense of stability and security knowing there are others who really care for you, … through social, emotional, and practical supports.

As a complement to preaching and bible study teaching, personal engagement involves opportunities for discussing and questioning; and to hear others share their insights and illustrations of the truth. Beyond formal Sunday service, worship happens anywhere and anytime we focus on God.  Sometimes, an interactive and less structured small peer-group setting can open our minds and hearts, deepening our faith and expanding our understanding of worship.

If you would like to support this new RPC Ministry and participate in a four week “Connect and Reflect” small group during June, please email Maureen at the church  www.richpres.net  or phone and leave a message  604 277 5410 ; adding your name/s, email, and phone number and your preferred group to join.   Deadline for registration is noon on Friday, June 4.