RPC Self-Care Conversation

Hello Richmond Presbyterian Church Friends in Christ,

We hope you all are managing as best as can be expected through these strange times.

To further connect and to bolster our resilience, you are invited to a Zoom video discussion next Wednesday, April 29th at 7:00pm. If you are not on our mailing list please contact the church office to receive link.

That evening, we will have an opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings about the current COVID-19 situation, and to discuss the varied ways that we have been managing our stress and taking care of ourselves and others. What are you doing to best cope? What tips can you pass on from your personal experiences these days? To start the discussion, we have put together some ideas below. And we invite your input on Wednesday to add to the conversation.

If you have an opportunity to read the attached “Twelve Self-Care Tips for staying sane through these crazy times” ahead of the meeting, that would be great, but even if you haven’t, please join in anyways on Wednesday. After an introduction and overview of these Tips, we’ll twice break into small groups (rooms) for discussions based on the following questions…

Twelve Self-Care Tips – click here

Breakout #1

How is the current COVID-19 situation affecting you? … and what is your biggest challenge in coping?

From the list of “Twelve Tips…” which one resonated the most for you? Why?

From your personal experience these days … What additional stress management or self-care tip could you add or emphasize?

Breakout #2

In what way how has your faith and the RPC community been of help for you in this time?

What more could we as the RPC church community do to help each other feel more connected, to grow in our faith, and help serve our community through these times?

Blessings to you all,

Steve Norris and Janet Norris