Vision & Priorities

Distillation of Identity: What do we want RPC to look like 5 years from now?

RPC's reputation will be that of a teaching church that represents and re-presents the essentials of Christian formation. This will include partnerships with our theological schools who can provide some of the critical teaching leadership around the issues of formation.

  • RPC will provide multiple Christian formation opportunities for our members, but also open to any who wish to participate.
  • Christian formation equips people for the practice of being a missional church. We cannot expect people to live missionally if they lack the fundamentals of Christian discipleship. We cannot share what we don’t know.
  • Through the engagement of teaching resources, including from our theological colleges, RPC will have developed a reputation as a church that engages in difficult conversations around faith issues that are timely and current and offers engaging opportunities for public conversation.
  • RPC will have a strong communications program, internally and externally, that will develop an identifiable ‘brand’ for RPC, in particular around the teaching ministry.

RPC will respond to the need to be a welcoming, inclusive church community by offering multiple worship opportunities.

  • These worship services will be offered at different times, in different styles and possibly in different places.
  • If we say we want to be welcoming to all, then we have to accommodate people whose schedule demands alternative times for worship and whose experience of God and faith need alternate forms of worship expression – we will be a church that gives room for this to happen.
  • RPC will offer an invitation to an intimate Christian community through the creation of affiliation groups.

RPC will have a vibrant Youth & Children’s ministry that will appeal to our community.

  • Healthy churches have vibrant children’s and youth ministry programs.
  • This will not happen because we want it to happen, it takes intentionality on our part around the distribution of resources and the creation of a welcoming space that reflects our priorities.
  • We will create space that is intentionally inviting to children and their families.
  • We will adjust the allocation of our financial resources to provide leadership and training for those involved in children and youth ministry.

RPC’s reputation will be that of a church that is connected to the needs of our community.

  • RPC will look more like, and be more inclusive of, all in the community in which God has planted us.
  • RPC will offer tangible ways of loving and witnessing through local mission opportunities.  
  • RPC will also be attentive to the needs of our growing seniors population, with a strong program that will look at ministry with, to, and for seniors of all backgrounds.

Deep with God, Wide with the World