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Aug 31st, 2014,

Richmond Presbyterian Church

11:00am – Ukrainian Hall,

5311 Francis Rd., 1 block east of Railway


www.richpres.com /richpres@telus.net


The Savills have landed!

We have safely arrived in North Bay.  We are in the midst of unpacking, and getting settled.  Thank you for your prayers!  Thank you for your warm send-off and generous and gracious gifts!  We miss everyone at RPC, and are praying for you in this time of transition.  Our phone and wireless are now hooked up!  Please contact the church office for contact information.  Sunday August 24th was  my first Sunday preaching at Calvin Presbyterian Church.  May God continue to bless all of you!  I am thankful that we are always joined in Christ.  I think of you often.    Frances

Note for choir members and new choir members:  Choir is in business, and will be restarting rehearsals on Thursday, Sep 4 at 7:30.  Location is Eleanor Tan’s residence, 8571 No 3 Road.  If you’ve ever had a notion to sing, you would be very welcome to join us.  More voices = better sound.

The RPC Library has set up a laptop that shows what’s available for you to borrow. Now you can make requests at the Ukrainian Hall and we’ll bring in books and DVDs, thanks to our 24-plus hosts who are caring for the collections in their homes.

And remember the Library is available 24/7 on the RPC website at http://richpres.com/wp/. Find what you want by author, title or subject, then email rpclibrary@shaw.ca/   call 604-274-4480 to leave requests or ask questions.

Abel, biography and caregivers all the way to wit, worship, and Zerubbabel, RPC Library: it’s all here and ready for you. Check it out!

Service at Courtyard Gardens – NEXT Sunday September 7th at 2:00pm, 7051 Moffatt Rd., led by Fred Greaves.

Minoru services:  – September 21st led by Larry Jackson – 3:15pm, Minoru Extended Care, 6111 Minoru Blvd. Help is always appreciated. Please arrive about ½ hour before the service time.

Service of Communion will be Next week, September 7th at the Ukrainian hall, 11:00 AM  

World Communion Sunday is October 5th, 2014

Multi-Cultural Ministries Presents…

Cross-Cultural Temple Tour – Saturday, September 20, 11:00 am – 4:30 pm in Richmond. You can visit to a Sikh Temple, Hindu Temple, Muslim Mosque, Buddhist Temple and a Jewish Synagogue. The registration fee of $49 includes lunch! For more info call: (604) 897-4224 or email dmclauren@gmail.com

Fall 2014 Evening and Weekend Courses at VST Please note that all classes at VST are open to the general public!

Visit www.vst.edu for more information and registration.

Mystics and the Mind: Towards an Understanding of Interfaith Spirituality with Rabbi Dr. Laura Duhan Kaplan, September 11, 2014, 7:30 pm.

Chapel of the Epiphany, 6030 Chancellor Boulevard on the UBC campus. Rabbi Dr. Laura Duhan Kaplan will speak about a spiritual basis for interfaith understanding found in mysticism and depth psychology. These disciplines describe common dimensions of a human encounter with the Divine that finds expression in different theologies and religious traditions. Free admission. 

Indigenous Ways of Knowing with Patricia Vickers

September 12-November 15, 2014

This course will assist students with inquiring into the Indigenous mind as a way of thinking and being rather than a concept of identity and separation. Throughout all exploration, the emphasis will be on foundational spiritual teachings from Indigenous ancestral protocol and the teachings of Christ.

Chapel of the Epiphany, 6030 Chancellor Boulevard

Spiritual Formation in Communities: Muslim/Indigenous/Jewish

September 19 – November 14, 2014

This course explores spiritual formation in three religious traditions. It is taught over three weekends, each of which will be dedicated to one of the traditions and spirituality as practiced by the instructor. Study of approaches to spirituality and specific spiritual practices will develop the student’s skills in understanding spirituality in general and the particular forms and ways of spirituality for each tradition.Chapel of the Epiphany, 6030 Chancellor Boulevar. 

Theology in a World of Differences with Stephen Chambers

Wednesdays, September 10 – November 26, 2014

As pastoral leaders and public theologians, we find ourselves often in conversations that matter greatly. To be respectful and to be clearly articulate are challenges we all face, whether the conversation is in a coffee shop, from a pulpit/lectern or on social media. This course will further the student’s competence across lines of difference by deepening understandings of contextuality and pluralism.

Chapel of the Epiphany, 6030 Chancellor Boulevard



Lectionary readings for next Sunday

Lectionary readings for next Sunday

September 7th, 2014, 13th Sunday after Pentecost

Exodus 12:1-14; Psalm 149 OR Ezekiel 33:7-11; Psalm 119:33-40;

Romans 13:8-14; Matthew 18:15-20

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