RPC PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance)

Pre-Authorized Remittance


158 Presbyterian congregations across Canada use PAR.

The PAR process is administered by the United Church of Canada at a cost 50 cents per user per month to a maximum of $45. It is currently costing RPC $22.50 per month.


What is PAR?

Par is a convenient and reliable way to make monthly donations to the church just like any other monthly commitment such as your cable bill or house tax bill.


Why use PAR?

From a user’s perspective:

  • No more hunting for donation envelopes on a Sunday morning.
  • No more returned cheques because the date was wrong (especially at the start of a new year) or written and numeric amounts did not agree etc.
  • No more making up for donations missed while away on holiday.
  • The cost of the program is minimal and is treated by RPC as a bank charge so that the whole donation counts towards your tax receipt.

From the church’s perspective:

  • There is a guaranteed monthly revenue (usually the 20th of each month) even during the lean months between May and September.
  • The number of envelopes that have to be counted each Sunday is considerably reduced.
  • On average, PAR donors give more than envelope donors.


How do you sign up?

Easy! Just fill out an authorization form (see attached) and provide a void cheque for the account you want debited. The only tricky entry is the  amount you want to give each month.

e.g. $20/week would be $87/month [($20 X 52 (weeks) divided by 12 (months)= $86.7 rounded up]. Be sure to date and sign the authorization form!

Authorization forms with all of the church information already entered are available from the PAR coordinator.


How do I give to designated funds?

If you give regular amounts to PWS&D, Benevolence Fund etc, just tell the

envelope secretary and the monthly amount will be assigned appropriately.


How do I give on special Sundays like Easter, Anniversary, Christmas or any other one-off request?

You can use the envelopes provided in the pews for occasional donations; just specify the amount and your PAR number on the envelope.


Any questions?

Contact John Hanson email: john.hanson@telus.net or any Sunday after the service.