RPC PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance)

Pre-Authorized Remittance

What is PAR?

Par is a convenient and reliable way to make monthly donations to the church just like any other monthly commitment such as your cable bill or house tax bill.


Why use PAR?

From a user’s perspective:

  • No more hunting for donation envelopes on a Sunday morning.
  • No more returned cheques because the date was wrong (especially at the start of a new year) or written and numeric amounts did not agree etc.
  • No more making up for donations missed while away on holiday.
  • The cost of the program is minimal and is treated by RPC as a bank charge so that the whole donation counts towards your tax receipt.

From the church’s perspective:

  • There is a guaranteed monthly revenue (usually the 20th of each month) even during the lean months between May and September.
  • The number of envelopes that have to be counted each Sunday is considerably reduced.
  • On average, PAR donors give more than envelope donors.


How do you sign up?

Complete the Authorization Form  (click here for form) and attach a void cheque.  Enclose both in an envelope and place the envelope in the offering plate, give it to the Envelope Secretary or leave it at the church office.

Print copies of the  Authorization Form are available at the church.


How do I give to designated funds?

If you give regular amounts to PWS&D, Benevolence Fund etc, just tell the envelope secretary and the monthly amount will be assigned appropriately.


How do I give on special Sundays like Easter, Anniversary, Christmas or any other one-off request?

You can use the envelopes provided in the pews for occasional donations; just specify the amount and your PAR number on the envelope.


Any questions?

Contact Heather at:   richpres.counters@gmail.com or any Sunday after the service.