March 2020 Session Meeting Notes

On March 24th, 2020 our Session gathered “virtually” for their monthly meeting.  Check out the link below to read about some recent announcements.

Click Here: 2020 March Session Notes


Session Notes – 24 March 2020

Well, just as we had virtual worship last Sunday, we had virtual Session on Tuesday evening.  I’m in a quandary as clerk, regulations require that the place of the meeting be recorded in the minutes.  Not sure if ‘cyberspace’ will be acceptable.

As you might imagine, the bulk of the discussion was taken up with how we do church in a time of social distancing (an oxymoron?).  It’s particularly challenging when we are bringing on 2 new staff, Anne-Marie Ellithorpe (Director of Children & Youth Ministries) and Jannie Lo Burdeti (Director of Music).  Normally we’d be planning cake, meet-and-greets, that sort of thing.  What we can do is publish recorded introductions so that you can at least see and hear them, although not in person.  So please take time to view these videos as they are made available.  Anne-Marie’s official start is April 1st, Jannie’s is April 13th.

The virus situation is still fluid, although this week things seem to be settling in towards a ‘new normal’, at least until they change again!  At the moment, our plans are:

  • continue with closing the building to all groups
  • continue streaming worship on Sunday mornings – we will get better at this: look for more music and more musicians, on-screen words to the songs, improved video and audio, children’s time, and other enhancements
  • have a virtual Munch & Mingle following worship – the office will send out the link you need to use to join in
  • explore options for ‘plateless’ offerings
  • continue with online bible studies – although unfortunately some regulars cannot participate online, we are getting a few new attendees who haven’t attended before
  • possibly add a short midweek online devotional with reading, prayer, and music

We understand that the latest technology, while powerful, is not everyone’s cup of tea.  So, we will be doing our best to stay in touch through traditional methods as well.

In this time of isolation, our elders will be making extra efforts to be in contact with you, by phone or by email, to keep in touch, talk about what’s happening, and address pastoral concerns.  In the current environment, there may also be practical concerns that we can help with:  shopping, errands, and the like.  Our care for each other is never limited to the spiritual, but very much the material as well.  If you have a pastoral emergency, please contact Victor or Young Tae.

Stay well, stay distanced, stay in touch, keep praying, keep smiling, keep calm and carry on.  God is always with his people through his people.

Faithfully, Graeme