Ongoing Projects

Below is a list of on-going projects and events you can support or assist in.

 Call the church office if you have any questions.



Flower Dedication Program:  Do you know you can dedicate flowers for any special occasion, or simply as a praise offering to the Lord?  Your arrangement is displayed during our Sunday morning worship service. Rosa is our new florist who will prepare the arrangements and Pearl, in the church office, will look after the coordinating.  Please contact Pearl if you would like to dedicate some flowers or contribute financially to the Flower Program. A roster has been placed on the bulletin board for those who have a specific date in mind.  Check it out next time you’re in.   A $40 donation covers the cost of the flowers.


Bottle Return Program:  Richmond Presbyterian Church has now established an account with the Blundell Return-It Centre located at the Blundell Centre, just south of the church, at No 2 Road and Blundell. We are asking members and friends to donate by recycling their returnable beverage containers that have a deposit attached to them, at the above location. You must quote Account #66, or Richmond Presbyterian Church, before the transaction commences. IF YOU CAN REMEMBER PLEASE COLLECT A RECEIPT FROM THE BOTTLE DEPOT AND RETURN IT TO THE CHURCH OFFICE ON YOUR NEXT VISIT.  Your participation is encouraged and very much appreciated.  This is fundraiser for the Outreach Team.

Recycle Eyeglass Program – Pat M collects used eyeglasses to give to an organization that distributes them to people in need in developing countries. Please place used eyeglasses in the basket under the mail slots outside the church offices.

Have ANY unused greeting cards? Our Richmond Hospital Auxiliary uses them in various ways and they are very much appreciated. Cards may be given to Desnia or Betty.   Thank you.

Stamps/Soup Can labels: Unfortunately we no longer collect used stamps or soup can labels. Thank you.