Communications Team



As we become a more missional church it is even more important that the congregation be aware of all that is happening.  The purpose of the Communications Team is:

– to keep the congregation informed and engaged in the work and play of RPC
– to encourage and help all groups and office holders in RPC to communicate
– to support the culture of ‘mission’
– to carry our message to the community and world


Functions and Responsibilities:

– ensure the congregation is informed of the outcome of events
– maintain awareness of ongoing ministries, such as our stewardship
– support and maintain various communications media including bulletin boards, newsletter, church sign
– develop the RPC website into a current and informative source for the congregation and for the public
– plan and manage any communication that may involve outside media
– liaise with other Teams to ensure that their activities are communicated
– work with Session and Ministry Team as required to address communication issues as they arise


Membership and Structure:

– team leader, who is a also a member of the Ministry Team
– webmaster, newsletter editor
– 2-3 other members
– meet monthly, additional meetings as required