Board of Managers


The church building and property are key assets to our congregational life and ministry.  The purpose of the Board of Managers is

– to manage and monitor the congregation’s finances, including banking of tithes and offerings, and payment of stipends and bills
– to maintain the church building, property, equipment, and fabric
– to ensure the church is cleaned and supplied on a day-to-day basis
– to maintain the manses
– to deal as required with civil authorities on matters such as inspections, bylaws, codes, etc.
– to manage the business relationship with outside organisations that rent or otherwise use our facilities


Functions and Responsibilities:

– liaise with Ministry team to ensure that Board’s work is aligned with the overall ministry of the congregation
– report to the Session on a regular basis and work with Session and Ministry Team as required to address facilities and budget  issues as they arise
– liaise with other teams regarding their use of the building, and their budget needs.
– fulfill the duties listed in the Book of Forms (sections 162-173)


Membership and Structure:

– team leader, who is a also a member of the Ministry Team
– 5-7 other members to be elected at the Annual Congregational Meeting, serving a 3-year term
– meet monthly, additional meetings as required