Outreach Team


As the Church, we are called to serve the community and the world as the working body of Christ.  The Outreach Team’s purpose is:

– to demonstrate God’s love in practical ways to the community of Richmond
– to provide opportunities for others to discover a relationship with Jesus Christ
– to support missional work beyond the borders of Richmond


Functions and Responsibilities:

– under the leadership of Session and the Ministry Team, understand and support the ministry plan of RPC as it relates to serving the community and the world
– plan, guide and support activities and events that will show God’s love to the community in practical ways consistent with our Christian witness
– look for ways to increase our impact through partnerships with other churches or organizations
– look for ways to incorporate the physical resources of our church building and property into our local ministry
– to keep the congregation informed about and engaged in our mission
– report to the Ministry Team and Session on a regular basis
– work with Session and Ministry Team as required to address mission-related issues as they arise
– work with the Care and Fellowship Team as required to coordinate events and plan events that are congregational and missional


Membership and Structure:

– team leader, who is a also a member of the Ministry Team
– 3-5 other members
– meet monthly, additional meetings as required