Worship and Stewardship Team


Worship is a primary duty and celebration of the Church.  Stewardship of our gifts and resources is the tangible response of Christians to God’s call to be partners in His mission.  The Worship and Stewardship Team’s purpose is:

– to support worship leaders in making all worship services God-honouring, edifying, and vibrant
– to ensure the continued functional aspects of holding worship gatherings are provided
– to maintain an awareness of the importance of Stewardship
– to ensure that our congregation is supporting the ministry plan through its time, talents, and finances


Functions and Responsibilities:

– under the leadership of Session and the Ministry Team, understand and support the ministry plan of RPC
– seek opportunities to refresh the Team’s knowledge of the theology and practice of Worship and Stewardship
– Plan Worship for team meetings
– Work with other teams to plan special worship services with a special emphasis e.g.  prayer
– report to the Ministry Team and Session on a regular basis


– provide worship leaders with ideas for keeping worship fresh, meaningful, and connected to our mission, and support such initiatives
– assist worship leaders in the planning of services as required
– ensure all services are appropriately provided with required ancillary support, such as greeters, lay readers, music
– evaluate our services and provide feedback and guidance to worship leaders and Session
– keep the congregation aware of the theology and practice of worship
– deal with specific worship-related issues as they arise


– keep the congregation aware of the theology and role of stewardship in God’s plan
– conduct informational and educational programs to build and maintain a culture of generosity and support for our mission – help us move from budget-based giving to faith-based giving
– provide ongoing feedback to the congregation regarding their stewardship
– work with Session, Board and Ministry Team as required to address stewardship-related issues as they arise


Membership and Structure:

– team leader, who is a also a member of the Ministry Team
– worship leaders are ex-officio members
– 2-3 other members
– meet monthly, additional meetings as required