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Church Office closes for lunch between 12:00-1:00PM from Tuesday through Thursday

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January 20, 2017


  Please worship with us every Sunday at 10:00AM.


Quests & Questions:   PART 2 

Come join Professor Richard Topping, Principal of the Vancouver School of Theology, as we explore another five questions people ask about the Christian faith.

January 25:     What happens to my non-Christian neighbour?

February 1:     Does God answer prayer?

February 8:     Does denominationalism matter?

February 15:   Doesn’t science contradict faith?

February 22:   Why are Christians so intolerant?

To prepare for this week’s discussion, check out the following website.  There will be a limited supply of hard copies of this resource for people who do not have access to a computer.



Looking for conversation?  Please join us on Tuesday, January 24th at 2:00 PM in the church hall for Tea at Two.    Come for a wonderful cup of tea or coffee with sweets and good conversation.  All are welcome.


Annual Reports.   Reminder to all Action Team Chairs and Group Leaders:  Reports for our Annual Congregational Meeting are now due to the church office.

Rooted in Love – a National Presbyterian Women’s Gathering to be held in Richmond Hill, Ontario, May 19 -22.  Check out their website at www.womensgathering.ca.

 PWS&D: It is time again to think of others and of missions supported by our National Church. On November 27th, the Outreach Action team will be handing out the PWS&D (formerly love loaves) boxes.  Each family should take one home and prayerfully consider how much they can put aside each week for this mission work.  If you manage to fill one box, please ask for another.   All boxes are to be returned on Easter Sunday.    Donations will be sent to PWS&D. If you would like a receipt, please put your PAR/Envelope number inside box.

VST Happenings!  Be sure to check out the bulletin board to view all the interesting events happening at the Vancouver School of Theology or check out their webpage at www.vst.edu.

Holy Land Tour.  Have you ever wanted to travel to the Holy Land?  The next opportunity will be November 12-23,  2017.  Iternary and registration information can be found on the bulletin board or check out www.christian-journeys.com.  Tour leaders will be the Reverends Martin Baxter and Ross Lockhart.

Offering Envelopes for 2017  If you presently do not use offering envelopes and would like to use them, please contact the church office or Heather C.

Sign up for PAR Pre Authorized Remittance of your church offering through monthly automatic bank transfer can be done at any time.  It provides a convenient way to continue your offering year-round, even when you are away. To sign up or increase your givings, contact John H or the church office.

Bottle Return Program:  Richmond Presbyterian Church has now established an account with the Blundell Return-It Centre located at the Blundell Centre, just south of the church, at No 2 Road and Blundell. We are asking members and friends to donate by recycling their returnable beverage containers that have a deposit attached to them, at the above location. You must quote Account #66, or Richmond Presbyterian Church, before the transaction commences. Your participation is encouraged and very much appreciated.

Recycle eyeglasses – Pat M collects used eyeglasses to give to an organization that distributes them to people in need in developing countries. Please place used eyeglasses in the basket under the mail slots outside the church offices.

Have ANY unused greeting cards? Our Richmond Hospital Auxiliary uses them in various ways and they are very much appreciated. Cards may be given to Desnia or Betty.   Thank you.

Stamps: Just a reminder to please clip and save used postage stamps (no metered stamps). They are used in fundraising activities by the Canadian Bible Society and the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Please leave a ½” trim around stamps.  Stamps may be given to Pat M.  Thank you.


RPC Library never sleeps. Ready when you are 24/7

at http://richpres.com/wp/rpc-library/ Check it out.





Participants in worship for Sunday, January 22, 2017:

Greeters:  Mary & Harold

A/V Technicians:  David W & Abby

Lay Reader:  Barry

Coffee Hosts:  Christine & David W

Nursery Attendant:  Christie

Church School:  Heather , Adam & Janice

Counters:  Mark & Yumin & Grace


Participants in worship for Sunday, January 29, 2017:

Greeters:  Sarah, Garry, Brayden and Lauren

A/V Technicians:  Jim G & James G

Lay Reader:  Lynn W

Coffee Hosts:  Pearl, David, Jeff, Taryn

Nursery Attendant:  Helen

Church School:  Heather , Adam & Janice

Counters:  Bill & Lynn & Nonnie







Dates to mark on your calendar

Educational Ministries Team – January 24th                       10:00 AM

Tea at Two – January 24th                                                      2:00 PM

Session Meeting – January 24th                                              7:00 PM

Service at Minoru Residence – January  29th            3:15 PM

Service at Courtyard Gardens – February 5th                        2:00 PM

Annual Congregational Meeting – February 12th    following the service

Ash Wednesday Service– March 1st                                                            12:00 noon

Church Family Retreat at Camp Douglas – June 2-4th

Vacation Bible School – July 10-14th


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