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February 12, 2016


  Please come join us for Worship every Sunday at 10:00AM.


The Disciplines of Lent:   Come join the Rev. Victor Kim for a study exploring the Lenten Disciplines as we prepare for the Cross and the promise of Easter!   Offered from 12 noon – 1:00PM or 7:00 – 8:00PM on Wednesdays beginning February 17 and concluding March 23.   A time for study, reflection and preparation.    Scripture References for the week are:   Matthew 6: 1-6, 16-21.   All are welcome!!



Write a prayer, take a prayer, and say a prayer:  During the season of Lent, the Educational Ministries Team is encouraging you to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5: 17) through our Prayer Wall.  There are several ways to participate:

Write a prayer:   Write a prayer and place it on the prayer wall which is located at the front of the sanctuary.  We recommend prayers be anonymous and/or general to protect the privacy of the individual.  For example:  “pray for a gentleman dealing with a difficult home situation”.  God knows who the prayer request is for so names and details are not necessary. If a concern for an individual is already public, i.e. Vi, for example – using names is okay.

Take a prayer:  We encourage members to pull a prayer from the wall and devote time each day to pray for that concern.  Place the prayer on your fridge, on your desk at work or take a picture of it and make it the screen saver on your phone.  Lift that prayer to God as much as you can. The more you see it the more you’ll pray.

Say a prayer:  Lent is a special time and we encourage members to stay in the pew following worship to say a prayer of their own or one  from the prayer wall.

During Lent, prayers will be collected during the offering time in special wicker baskets.  Take a moment to write a prayer before worship so that it may be offered to God at the appropriate time.  A blank Prayer Request form is available in the sanctuary.

Praying in Colour through Lent:  When you can’t find the words but you want to spend time with God, let your fingers do the praying. Using a blank calendar, a pencil, pen or crayons present your thoughts of concern to God through the act of doodling.  Blank calendars are provided on the table in the hall specifically designed for the 40 days of lent.   Check out the sample on the bulletin board and give it a try.


Kidz Club:  The next Kidz Club activity is scheduled for Sunday, February 21st from 6:00 to 7:30 PM.  Come, bring a friend and enjoy a wild night of board games, snacks and goodies.  Location still to be determined.  Please RSVP to Barry at  rpckidzclub@gmail.com


 Annual Congregational Meeting:  RPC’s Annual Congregational Meeting will be held in the Sanctuary immediately after worship on Sunday, February 21st, followed by Munch & Mingle.  Copies of the 2015 Annual Report, and the agenda for the ACM, are available for pickup in the hall, please take one per household and read them before the meeting.  The intent is that all Team and Committee reports, except the financial reports, will be accepted in one motion ‘as read’, but of course you may ask questions at the meeting.


The World is YOUR (Social Media) Field:  Are you on Facebook, a regular tweeter on Twitter, post items to Instagram – then be sure to the click on the Canadian Bible Society  website about how you can spread the Good News on-line and share that positive message.

Update of Syrian Refugees:  On behalf of the Outreach Action Team, I am happy to bring everyone up to date on our situation regarding the Syrian Refugees.

Great News! To this date there has been $6,165 raised from our congregation. The minimum amount that we had to contribute to become a partner in the sponsoring group of Richmond churches was $5,000. Thank you to all who have donated so far. To make a donation, make the cheque payable to Richmond Presbyterian Church and mark it “Refugee Fund”. If you use an envelope, tick “other” and write “Refugee Fund”. The donated funds will help sponsor a family of five for one year.

At the meeting of the five sponsoring churches, on January 13th, a representative from Mosaic brought two Richmond families of Syrian background to meet us. They are trying to bring their families here. These families have the money to sponsor their families, but are not permitted to sponsor on their own. They would need either a group of five families or a church or other organization with “Sponsorship Agreement Holder” (SAH) status. The United Church is a Sponsorship Agreement Holder.

After a lengthy interview with the families, and then a lengthy discussion of the issues, the Coordinating Committee has agreed to:

  1. Be the SAH organization working with these families, together with Mosaic, to sponsor 3 “family” groups. One family related to one local family and two family groups related to the other family.
  1. Work with Mosaic to follow the rules that have been established by the new (and ever-changing) refugee regulations.
  2. Assist in settling and integrating these families, and learning from both the people already settled here, and from the incoming families.
  1. Follow our legal responsibilities which will be set out in the “Sponsorship Plan” to be put together next week.
  1. Work together committing time, funds and resources as required.  We will, with the assistance of the local Syrian families working with us, have access to help, translators and advice.

After the appropriate forms have been sent to Ottawa, it could take up to 4 to 6 months before the families arrive.   In the meantime, we are planning a fund-raising dinner sometime in February.

The five Richmond churches are: Gilmore Park United, South Arm United, Steveston United, Brighouse United and Richmond Presbyterian.   If you have any further questions, please ask.

Respectfully, Isabel



Elder Ordination and Induction:  Session is pleased to announce that nominees Isabel , Allan F, and Barry G have been elected as elders.  Barry’s ordination and the induction of all three elders will take place on Sunday, February 14th, 2016.

 2015 Income Tax Receipts have been mailed.  If you have not received a 2015 Income Tax Receipt please contact Heather C immediately.


Mark your calendar:  The Church Family Retreat at Camp Douglas is scheduled for June 3-5, 2016.

New mail slot is in!  Be sure to check out the new mail slot located in the hallway outside the church offices.  Thanks to the anonymous donor for sponsoring this item from the Wish List and to Mark C, VST student minister who preached here during the summer, for his excellent carpentry skills.

Camp Douglas Summer Camp 2016 brochures are in – grab your copy on from the table in the hall or check out the website at www.campdouglas.ca.

The Wishing Tree:  Be sure to check out the bulletin board in the hall and find out how you can support our Wish List.

Monday afternoon Bible Study will start a new study from Adam Hamilton entitled THE CALL: The life and message of the Apostle Paul.  All welcome – join any time.

Have ANY unused greeting cards? Our Richmond Hospital Auxiliary uses them in various ways and they are very much appreciated. Cards may be given to Desnia or Betty.   Thank you.

Stamps: Just a reminder to please clip and save used postage stamps (no metered stamps). They are used in fundraising activities by the Canadian Bible Society and the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Please leave a ½” trim around stamps.  Stamps may be given to Pat M.  Thank you.

Temple Tour:  A cross cultural temple tour with Dr. David McLauren is happening once again in Richmond on February 20th from 9:00 – 2:00 PM.   Visit a Sikh temple, a Hindu temple, Muslim mosque and a Buddhist temple.  Registration is $39.00 and includes an ethnic lunch.  Email multiculturalministries@gmail.com or call them at     604-897-4224.

Question: How did our new minister get the name Victor? What’s a Peace Feast? What are you waiting for?   Answers to these questions and more are in the latest  Beyond Sunday. Get yours today by emailing rpcbeyondsunday@gmail.com.


Sleepless in Steveston? Restless in Richmond?

RPC Library never sleeps. Ready when you are 24/7

at http://richpres.com/wp/rpc-library/ Check it out.


Participants in worship for Sunday, February 14th, 2016:

Announcements: Isabel E

Greeters:  Aleli  & Angelo

Coffee Hosts: Margaret H & Mary H

Children’s story:  Pearl

Lay reader:  Angelo

Nursery attendant: Nonnie

Church School:  Lisa & Barry

Counters:  Mike, Heather and Janice


Participants in worship for Sunday, February 21st, 2016:

Announcements: Allan F

Greeters:  Tom & ??

Lay reader:  Sarah M

Time with Young Christians:  Barry

Coffee Hosts:  Session

Nursery attendant: Yumin

Church School:  Aaron & Allan

Counters:  Lisa, Barry and Gayle



Dates to mark on your calendar

Afternoon Bible Study

 Every Monday         2:00 PM

Lenten Bible Study

            Wednesdays 12 noon and 7:00 PM from February 17 to March 23

Service at Courtyard Gardens – February 14th          2:00 PM

Annual Congregational Meeting – Feb 21st following the service

Service at Minoru Residence – February 21st   3:15 PM

Tea at Two ­– February 23rd      2:00 PM

Service at Courtyard Gardens – March 2nd       2:00 PM

Maundy Thursday Service – March 24th            TBA

Good Friday Service – March 25th        10:00 AM

Easter Sunday Service – March 27th      TBA

Church Family Retreat at Camp Douglas – June 3 to 5th





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