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July 3, 2015

Notice of Congregational Meeting – Sunday, July 12, 2015:     The renovation work is nearing its final stages and we are excitedly planning both the mechanics of moving back in and the celebrations that will surround that event.  As the builder gets down to the finishing details, a number of unforeseen issues are emerging.  The building team has at every turn been mindful of the overall budget and made decisions accordingly, aware that contingency funds available were smaller than we would have liked.  They are now advising that we MAY need to borrow a relatively small amount of money in order to meet our financial obligations for the construction work.

Therefore, a congregational meeting is being called following worship on Sunday, July 12, 2015, for the purposes of explaining the situation to the congregation, answering questions, and obtaining permission to borrow funds that may be required to complete the work.  The loan amount sought is expected to be less than 3% of the overall budget, and will be used only if the available contingency is exhausted.

RPC Church Picnic & Worship Service is coming July 19th and will be held at South Arm Park near the swimming pool.  Service will commence at 10:00AM followed by a potluck lunch.  Dig out your RPC shirt and join us.  It will be a fun time.

Minoru Extended Care Worship Service for July has been moved from July 19th to July 5th.   The 3:15pm Service is led by Rev. Larry Jackson. Your assistance at the service is very much appreciated.  Please arrive ½ hour before the service time.  Minoru Extended Care is located at 6111 Minoru Blvd.

Courtyard Gardens Worship Service is Sunday, July 5th at 2:00pm at 7051 Moffat Road.  Service is led by Fred Greaves.  Help is always appreciated – please arrive ½ hour before the service time.

5th Annual George Mar Memorial Golf Tournament – Is coming Saturday, August 29th at the Richmond Pitch and Putt.  A terrific intergenerational event that’s a “hole” lot of fun.  Following the nine holes refreshments and prizes will be held in the new church hall.  Consider inviting a friend or a neighbour – it’s a great way to get to know them and to show off our new church.  Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for 15 years and under.  See Tom, Allan or Barry for more information or tickets.

Looking for something “jazzy” to do on Wednesday nights?  Brentwood Presbyterian Church conducts JAZZ EVENSONG every Wednesday night starting at 8:00PM.  The evening is mostly music with inspired prayers.  Check out the Brentwood Presbyterian Church website for complete details at www.brentwoodpc.ca.

Love to Sing?  Brentwood Presbyterian Church is also offering two great choral workshops this summer (July 18 & August 22) and a chance to perform in a concert on that same day.  Come join with others for communal gospel singing and find out what it means to sing songs of hope and joy.  Check out the Brentwood Presbyterian Church website for complete details at www.brentwoodpc.ca.

Looking for a Christian Family Holiday? The Ministry of Westminster Presbytery is offering two Family Camps this summer:  July 31st to August 3rd and August 6th to 9th.  Come to the sunshine coast and experience summer together with other Christians.  A flyer containing detailed information is available from the Greeters.  Be sure to pick up your copy or contact the Camp Director at director@campdouglas.ca.

Celebration Team Project that you can help with. Once we move back into the building we would like to have a Display Board in the entrance area for all our visitors to see.  The word “Welcome” will be on it, and our members’ or adherents’ pictures (no names, just smiling faces) welcoming people to the building. So please bring your favorite picture of yourself or family and put it in the box at the back of the hall or email it to richpres@telus.net. If you don’t have a favorite picture, Heather and Laura will have their cameras here today and are willing to take your picture. Smile!

 A Picnic-Style Potluck Lunch is being planned for our first Sunday back in our new building.  Since it is unclear at this point how functional the facility (in particular the kitchen) will be, a potluck lunch is being planned with a picnic style theme.   Be a host or be a guest but be sure to come.  Please check out the Sign-Up sheets for complete details or speak with Margie or Joan.

 Mission & Young Persons Project:  The Presbytery invites all young persons aged 14 and older plus any leaders in children/youth ministries to experience a week of missional immersion.   An opportunity to make new friends, exercise your faith and expand your outreach skills.  Project takes place July 13 through 18 and the cost for the week is $50 (meals and snacks included).  For more information please contact Janik Livera at 604-615-0066 or liverajanik@gmail.com.  Financial assistance may be available; please call the church office.

Worship When We Return To 7111 No 2 Road   We are all anticipating a return to our renovated building.  It is looking like this will happen in late July.  However, it will be several more weeks after that until we are fully settled in, and very unlikely that a new minister will be here by then.  In view of the reality that there will be an ongoing state of transition with continued pulpit supply, Session has decided that upon our return we will stay with a single, blended service (such as we have now at the Ukrainian Centre) at 10:00 am.  The situation will be reviewed in September.  We would welcome your prayerful and considered comments as we seek to be true to our ministry in the circumstances we find ourselves.

 Camp Douglas Summer Camp Wish List:  The wish list for summer camp is long. If you’re looking to help support the kids this summer consider making a donation.  Call Pearl in the office for a list of items or check out the website at www.campdouglas.ca.

Stamps: Just a reminder to please clip and save used postage stamps (no metered stamps). They are used in fundraising activities by the Canadian Bible Society and the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Please leave a ½” trim around stamps.  Stamps may be given to Pat.  Thank you.



Participants in worship next week, Sunday July 5th:

Guest minister:  Rev. Bob Garvin

Announcements: Allan Fairbairn

Greeters:    Isabel Evans

Lay reader:   Lynn Walters

Children’s story:  Barry Gifford

Counters:  J. Gallacher, C. Gallacher, L. Walters


Participants in worship next week, Sunday July 12th:

Guest minister:  Janik Livera

Announcements: Mary Hanson

Greeters:    Eleanor Tan & Mary Co

Lay reader:   Joan Greaves

Children’s story:  Fred Greaves

Counters:  M. Yang, Y. Yang, G. Yang

 Dates to Remember

Service at Courtyard Gardens – July 5th                   2:00 PM

Service at Minoru Extended Care – July 5th             3:15 PM

Congregational Meeting – July 12th following Worship

Mission & Young People’s Project – July 13-18th

    (contact Janik Livera at liverajanik@gmail.com for more info)

Church Picnic and Worship Service – July 19th        10:00 AM

5th Annual George Mar Golf Tournament – August 29th 

Rededication Service – September 20                      10:00 AM

Open House for new building – September 26th       1-4 PM











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