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August 28, 2015

5th Annual George Mar Memorial Golf Tournament

Has been cancelled due to proposed weather storms.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

BIG NEWS!  Today we received “conditional occupancy” which means we are very close to returning to our church facility on No 2 Road.  We are confident that our first service back will be on Sunday, September 6th at 10:00AM.  This will be a communion service with the Rev Dr. Richard Topping officiating.  The indoor picnic-style potluck will follow.  Please pray for a successful return and the work of the Celebration and the Move Back In teams.  

CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS!!   The cleaning portion is just about done with a few smaller projects like tables, chairs, wiping off hymn books, etc left to do. They will be tackled next Saturday, September 5th.  If you are able to assist please join us between 9:30 and 12:30pm  

For those that volunteered to help tidy up the exterior of the building – its time to strap on the gloves and get to work.  If you are able to help please come to the church at the following times.   

Friday, August 28 from 1 to 4pm, and

Saturday, August 29 from 9:30 to 4pm.    

Please check this web-site regularly as times may change due to some of the ongoing finishing work by the contractor.   A new security system will also be activated shortly so access to the building may be limited.

Grounds Crew:  Please remember to bring tools if you have them:  gardening gloves, shears, garden tools, pruners, clippers, hedge trimmers, brooms, shovels, compost bags or garbage cans to transfer yard clippings to Lynas Lane.   Pearl will bring her pickup truck on Saturday so large items like tree trimmings can be transferred to Lynas Lane more easily.

Also, please wear close toed shoes as site is still considered a construction zone. 


 A Picnic-Style Potluck Lunch is being planned for our first Sunday back in our new building.  Since it is unclear at this point how functional the facility (in particular the kitchen) will be, a potluck lunch is being planned with a picnic style theme.   Be a host or be a guest but be sure to come.  Please check out the Sign-Up sheets for complete details or speak with Margie or Joan.

Open House Sept 26th, 1-4pm:  At our open house we are hoping to offer live music. If you are interested in sharing your musical gifts in this way, please let Margie or Joan know what time is convenient for you. Once we know how many people are interested, a schedule will be prepared. Please let us know by Sept 9th.

 Ride for Refuge is back!  Coming October 3rd, the RPC Holy Rollers will be mounting their bikes in support of Ratanak International to support vulnerable young women in Cambodia.   You can help support this worthwhile cause by joining the bike squad or the 5km walking group which is new to this year’s event. Donations can be made online at www.rideforrefuge.org or speak with Graeme.

Looking for a good home!  The loving old piano from the church hall is looking for a good home.  Anyone interested should talk to Pearl or Heather as soon as possible.

Choir Practices resume on Thursday, September 10th at 7:30pm.

The Outreach Team encourages you to check out Richmond Culture Days September 26, 27 and 28th.  Create, Participate & Celebrate. For more information visit culturedays.ca.

Looking for something “jazzy” to do on Wednesday nights?  Brentwood Presbyterian Church conducts JAZZ EVENSONG every Wednesday night starting at 8:00PM.  The evening is mostly music with inspired prayers.  Check out the Brentwood Presbyterian Church website for complete details at www.brentwoodpc.ca.

Celebration Team Project that you can help with. Once we move back into the building we would like to have a Display Board in the entrance area for all our visitors to see.  The word “Welcome” will be on it, and our members’ or adherents’ pictures (no names, just smiling faces) welcoming people to the building. So please bring your favorite picture of yourself or family and put it in the box at the back of the hall or email it to richpres@telus.net. Smile!

 Worship When We Return To 7111 No 2 Road   We are all anticipating a return to our renovated building.  However, it will be several more weeks after that until we are fully settled in, and very unlikely that a new minister will be here by then.  In view of the reality that there will be an ongoing state of transition with continued pulpit supply, Session has decided that upon our return we will stay with a single, blended service (such as we have now at the Ukrainian Centre) at 10:00 am.  The situation will be reviewed in September.  We would welcome your prayerful and considered comments as we seek to be true to our ministry in the circumstances we find ourselves.

Stamps: Just a reminder to please clip and save used postage stamps (no metered stamps). They are used in fundraising activities by the Canadian Bible Society and the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Please leave a ½” trim around stamps.  Stamps may be given to Pat M.  Thank you.


RPC Library never sleeps. Ready when you are 24/7

at http://richpres.com/wp/rpc-library/ Check it out.



Participants in worship next week, Sunday August 30th

Guest minister:  Rev. Kate Jordan

Announcements:  Isabel

Greeters:  Lorne and Uta

Children’s story:   Pearl

Lay reader:  Mike C.

Counters:  Heather and Mike

Participants in worship next week, Sunday Sept 6th:

Guest minister:   Rev. Richard Topping

Announcements:  Allan

Greeters:  Allan and Christine

Children’s story:   Pearl

Lay reader:  Owen

Counters:  Bruce, Gayle and Lisa

 Dates to Remember

Service at Minoru Residence –  30th      3:15 PM

1st Service back in church on No. 2 Road – September 6th    10:00 AM

Rededication Service – September 20                     3:00 PM

Open House for new building – September 26th       1-4 PM

Ride for Refuge: Fundraiser for Ratanak – October 3rd    9:00 AM











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