Session Notes: February 2019

Download a PDF Version here:                  February 2019 Session Notes 



Session met on Tuesday the 26th and reports the following:

Election of New Elders

  • The Session decided to seek up to 5 new elders to help lead/serve our congregation. This process will take place over the next couple of months and will start with Rev. Kim preaching a series of 3 sermons on eldership, beginning March 3.
  • We will be using the Ballot of Members model for the election of new elders. This means that on March 10 all members of the congregation will receive a ballot that contains all the names of the members of the congregation who are eligible for election as an elder.
    • Please note that only members can be elected as elders and only members can elect elders. If you are not a member of RPC, we respectfully ask that you keep the process of discernment in your prayers as you continue to join in the ministry of this congregation.
    • Members will be asked to mark up to 5 names from the list of members, seal the ballot in the provided envelope, sign and print your name on the envelope, and return it to an elder or to the minister by March 24. Ballots will be received anytime up to the 24th.
  • Once all the ballots have been tabulated, up to 5 people will be approached, based on the number of votes received, to be asked to discern whether they believe they are being called to serve as an elder of the church. If the answer is yes, the names will be shared with the congregation by April 7.
  • If no valid objection is brought forward, a service of ordination of the new elders will take place on Easter Sunday, April 21. We look forward to the discernment of God’s people here at RPC as we seek our new elders.


Community BBQ

Session decided that rather than the church picnic service, RPC will host a Community BBQ after worship on Sunday, July 21.  We hope that this activity will attract more people from our community to check out our congregation and we envision a BBQ lunch after worship and fun-filled activities for children on the church grounds.  Stay tuned for more details!

Assistant Minister positions

Session received more information about the proposed new worshipping communities that the potential new Assistant Ministers are planning.  This information will only be shared at this time with the Session, since the positions are still tentative, pending funding and presbytery approval.  We ask for your prayers as this process continues.

In Christ, The Session of RPC