Session Notes: May 2019

        MAY 2019 Session Notes



Session Notes – May, 2019

 Our May meeting was unusual in several ways:

  • first meeting with newly-elected elders Heather C, Janet & Steve N, David W
  • meeting was moderated (chaired) by Interim Moderator the Rev. Dr. Richard Topping, due to Victor’s absence due to illness
  • meeting was held Friday, May 24th, to fit Richard’s and others’ schedules (we usually meet 4th Tuesday)


Many items on the agenda, as we had not met since March.  Housekeeping items around Victor’s absence:

  • Victor on medical leave until September – there are funds from the PCC to help defray pulpit supply
  • Richard Topping is Interim Moderator – responsible for pulpit supply (he won’t be preaching every week, but arranging for coverage), pastoral duties, and chairing Session meetings
  • the Rev. Richard Watson will offer pastoral care when Richard Topping is unavailable


We are concerned with Pearl’s workload with ‘the boss’ absent.  Many tasks that Victor would deal with will land on her plate.  Steps are being taken to reduce her Presbytery commitments.  (Victor is Clerk of Presbytery, so guess who supports him in that role?)  The Personnel Committee is looking into this.

It is a very busy season for jobs and appointments in the church.  Both of our potential Assistant Minister candidates, Andrea P and Young Tae C, are also looking at other opportunities as they seek to discern where God is calling them.  Regardless of her other commitments, Andrea will stay connected with RPC to deliver the 3-year high-school curriculum she is developing.

We have decided to cancel the Open House, scheduled in July.  Neither Victor nor Mary Ann would be able to attend, so we would not be giving the community a good look at who we are and what we do.  VBS will be replaced by weekly child and youth events, organized by our summer students Aaron and Janie.

On Sunday, May 26th, we celebrated our 59th anniversary with a video greeting to Victor (thanks to Gloria M for the idea!) and a pot-luck lunch.  We pray God will continue to use and bless our ministry in Richmond and beyond.

Faithfully, Graeme Stager, Clerk of Session