Children’s Ministries

Church School Program

At RPC, we offering church school during the worship hour and split the children into four classrooms.  Children under age 3 are welcomed and cared for in our fully staffed nursery which is located just outside our sanctuary.

  • Preschool to Grade 1: This group uses a curriculum called Children and Worship.    Children and Worship involves students in a multi-sensory way so they can experience the Bible stories and experience the wonder and mystery of God at their level.  Using wooden figures and “I wonder” questions children are exposed to God’s word in a similar format that we hear God’s word in our own corporate worship.   This class meets in Room 3.

  • Grades 2-4: This group is using a new curriculum called DIG-IN.  This online resource provides a wide variety of options and allows teachers to customize the lesson plan online and print only what is needed.  The curriculum offers a multitude of crafts, hands-on activities as well as audio and video resources.  This class meets in Room 1.

  • Grades 5-7: This age group is continuing with the Re:Form Curriculum which uses a DVD video and a workbook.  This year’s curriculum is on Old Testament Prophets and the children have found it engaging and informative.  The DVD with its cartoon antics keep the students’ focused while providing a light-hearted feel. No dreary Old Testament happenings in this class. This class meets in Room 2.

  • High School Youth: Teens gather three times a month and follow an online curriculum called LIVE™ Books of the Bible.  LIVETM empowers young people to discover the beauty and relevancy of Scripture across all 66 books of the Bible helping students see the bigger picture of God’s story.  This class meets in the Reverend’s Study.


 Kidz Club and High School Youth Group

Once a month, Kidz Club (children in grades 4-7) and High School Youth (grades 8-12) meet separately for fun, social activities either in-house or outside in the community.  Be sure to check out the Kidz Club/Youth Group link for current events.